IVA Exhaust Cone

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Elva 11
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IVA Exhaust Cone

Post by Elva 11 »

Can anyone help? I'm trying to quieten down the Jaguar exhaust for the upcoming IVA.
Does anyone have a Westfield conical insert that was supplied by the factory to help get the noise level down.
I've got my original, that fits perfectly but need another for the 2nd pipe. Only need it on a loan basis for a few weeks, obviously I will cover any costs.
Thanks Ian.

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Re: IVA Exhaust Cone

Post by seajayare »

I have my factory original you can borrow. Drop me message with where you'd like it sent if you still need it. It's in Wiltshire at the moment. I am trying to get mine down below 100dB for trackdays and I am struggling with the original box and an additional one before it I am down to 102dB (ish) with the cone.

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