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OwnerFormer Stephen G - Sold
Year of registration2008
Year of donor car1973
Engine 1275cc A series with Slark stage 3 head and hi lift rockers. Approximately 110bhp at the flywheel.
GearboxSpridget 4 speed
Fuel deliveryWeber 45 on maniflow short manifold
IgnitionAldon distributor
Wheels and tyres13" wire wheel. Avon CR322 tyres
BrakesStandard Midget discs front and drums rear
BodyworkLe Mans hump. Jaguar Racing Green.
ModificationsIntegral roll-hoop in front of the hump
Misc2008 Westfield demonstrator and press car. Featured in a series of magazine adverts, and in an episode of 5th gear, with Tiff Needell racing it against a replica Porsche 550. Has had a complete bodywork stripdown, restoration and repaint at Option One Sportscars.

OwnerFormer Matthew K - Sold
Year of registration2007
Year of donor car1969
EngineBlock - Rebored +60, wedged crank, piston oil spray jets, Morspeed PH2 cam, vernier timing. Head - Rimflo valves, 1.5 roller rockers, ported by Cosworth!
GearboxGearbox - BGH E2 (modified Type 9 5 speed)
Fuel deliveryWeber 45 on Maniflow tubular manifold
Ignition3D Mappable Megajolt wasted spark.
Wheels and tyres13" wire wheels, Avon CR322 tyres
BrakesFront - Cross drilled discs with Greenstuff pads Rear - Standard Midget drums. Cockpit mounted bias control.
BodyworkLe Mans hump.
ModificationsAxle - Std Midget with turned down halfshafts.

OwnerFormer Charles B - Sold
Year of registration2007
Year of donor car1970
Engine 1330 A series. Lightened and balanced rotating bits. Baffled sump. Stock crank and rods with ARP bolts. Omega cast pistons (11.5:1 static CR). MED XT cam. Vernier duplex timing set. 1.3:1 roller rockers. MED Clubman race head. Oil Cooler. Metro radiator. About 115BHP @ 6600 (136 Peter Baldwin HP)
GearboxMidget ribcase box with SCCR gearset (2.5 1st). Stock clutch. Std 3.9 rear axle.
Fuel delivery45 DCOE on 7" Maniflow manifold. Fuel pressure regulator. Stock Westfield LCB exhaust manifold.
IgnitionAldon 100 AYS with Lumentition Optronic. NGK B8ES plugs
Wheels and tyresRoad: 5 x 13 Revolutions with 165/70 CR322's. Race 5.5 x 13 Compomotives and 175/60 A048's
BrakesStock except for Mintex 1144 pads front. I don't use them much!
BodyworkDark Blue Flatback. Race legal roll bar. Still in gelcoat.
MiscRoad legal and race prepared. Runs in SR and GT series and is (thus far...) driven to and from races. Done over 8000 miles since built. Le Mans 3 times, Angouleme once. Used and abused at every chance.

OwnerBrian H
Year of registration2006
Year of donor car1971
Engine MED XT engine: 11 stud head, high lift roller rockers
GearboxStandard Midget 4 speed box - reconditioned at build time.
Fuel delivery2 x 1 1/4 SU. Facet pump.
IgnitionMegjolt Lite Jr with custom map.
Wheels and tyresStandard Midget 13inch wire wheels.
BodyworkTwo seat with Le Mans hump.Lotus green with yellow line around nose.

OwnerAlan M
Year of registration1982
Year of donor car1967
Engine FIAT 1600 twincam. Head modified by Guy Croft, Beta pistons, GC 3A cams(300deg duration), lightened and balanced flywheel, anti surge sump, remote oil filter with 13 row cooler, Rev limiter set to 7800rpm
GearboxFIAT 5 speed gearbox with 5th/reverse lock out, Midget back axle, currently 3.7 open diff and Peter May half shafts, 4.2 LSD optional
Fuel deliveryTwin Weber 40 DCOE'S on GC manifold, SU fuel pump from Jag E type. Fuel tank at rear.
IgnitionFiat electronic.
Wheels and tyresImage split rims 5.5" x 13 front, 6.0 x 13" rears. Tyres - Avon CR28 Sports, 185/60 front and 205/60 rear.
BrakesStandard midget discs and drums. Discs cross drilled and rear drums drilled on friction surface for gas release and temperature reduction.
BodyworkFlat back with roll bar and forward running diagonal.
MiscCar originally built with A series engine and box. During 90's the car was modified for Southern a Sprint series. Around 1995, to make the car more competive a modified FIAT engine and box was fitted. The car featured in Guy Crofts Twincam tuning book of the period. Since my ownership in 2001 I used it for two seasons in the local speed series as well as track days. Now just used as a road car.

OwnerJorn M
Year of registration1983
Year of donor car1965
Engine Block 1275 bored +0.030. Head 11 stud Cooper S head, modified after David Wizard. Jack Knight 1.5 roller rockers. (Spare engine at MED to become 1380XT) will be put in later this year (2011) Custom made radiator front mounted as Lotus 11, twin Kenlowe fans. Custom made expansion tank as Lotus 11. Stainless coolant tubes and Samco hoses
GearboxSprite ribbed case, rebuild 2010 with SC/CR gear set
Fuel deliveryPresent twin HS2 with long RAM pipes and filter socks. SU fuel pump When new engine is installed the carburation will be twin HS4 modified as per David Wizard.
IgnitionStandard with vacuum and electronic breakers. New engine will have Aldon dizzy without vacuum adv.
Wheels and tyres15" wire from a Austin Healey 3000. Fitted with 145/65 front and 165/65 rear.
BrakesStandard Sprite.
BodyworkWhite with blue stripes. RHD Le Mans with roll over bar in fixed head fairing.
MiscCar was bought on Ebay 2005 from Long Island USA. All trim removed to give the feeling of a race car. Dashboard layout as Lotus 11 with period dials and switches.

Year of registration1983
Year of donor car1965
Engine 1380cc, Longman cylinder head, SPVP3 scatter pattern cam, Isky lifters, pushrods. Swiftune roller rockers, 10.6:1 compression, Fidanza alloy flywheel, Maniflow big bore Mini exhaust header modified to fit the Westfield chassls. Bolted flange, Magniflow stainless muffler, lightweight alternator.
GearboxDatsun 210 5 speed, TranX LSD, 4.22 final drive.
Fuel delivery45 DCOE on a 6" custom Maniflow with a 3/8" rise. K&N air filter.
IgnitionPertronix 25D distributor.
Wheels and tyresMWS wire wheels, 5X15, 85mm backside space front, 6X15 rear, 93mm backside space rear. Disc wheel rear axle unit with bolt on spline drive necessary to accept the rear wheels with the deep backside spacing. Tires are 4.50X15 and 5.00X15 Dunlop Racing.
BrakesStandard Spridget brakes, Porterfield R4S pads and shoes.
BodyworkLHD, headrest fin.
MiscWestfield front anti sway bar, AVO dampers, HD race axles with bolt on drive plate, double bearing rear hubs, Timken taper roller front wheel bearings. Fully trimmed interior. Alloy floor. 1030 lb dry weight.

Year of registration2012
Year of donor car1970
Engine 1275 block blueprinted and bored to 1380. Crank journals polished, AE pistons. Longman cylinder head, 37.5 mm ports, 21.5 cc chambers, .06Cometic steel shim head gasket to reduce compression ration to 10.85:1. APT Scatter Pattern VP3 cam, Isky lifters, Vernier cam sprocket, Mini Spares 1.5:1 roller rockers. Fidanza alloy flywheel, MED Engineering damper/pulley. ARP studs and fasteners throughout.
GearboxSP Components "Long 1st" Type 9 transmission. TranX LSD. Double Bearing Hubs with Peter May axles.
Fuel deliveryCustom Order Maniflow 6" intake with a 3/8" rise. Weber 45 DCOE with a Sytec top mounted linkage. Facet Bendix type low pressure fuel pump.
IgnitionPertronix race type distributor, non vacuum advance. Pertronix "Second Strike" sparks box with soft rev limiter
Wheels and tyresMWS 15" wire wheels. 72 spoke 15X5" front, 15XX5.5", 70 spoke center lace rear. Dunlop vintage race tires. 15X4.50 front, 15X5.00 rear.
BrakesTwin master cylinders with Westfield bias bar brake pedal.
BodyworkRHD with head faring.
MiscAll body fittings, switches, and flat lens tail lights and side lights are period correct. Custom instrument panel with tach and dual gauge in front of driver. Speedo mounted on passenger side.

OwnerChris T
Year of registration1984
Year of donor car1965
Engine 1275cc A series with 649 cam, big valve head, roller rockers, high lift cam, fully balanced and has lighted flywheel producing circa 100bhp.
GearboxStandard Midget 4 speed.
Fuel deliveryWeber 45 DCOE.
Wheels and tyres
BrakesMidget front discs and rear drums.
BodyworkLe Mans Hump finished in BRG.
MiscThis car was built by the factory's own development engineer, Ray Concar who used it in competition from new until 2003. Ray spent many years perfecting this Eleven concentrating particularly on the chassis geometry, corner weights, bump steer and rear suspension operation. These developments provide a unique level of handling and roadholding and proved themselves on the circuit in the 80's and 90's when the car was raced in the 750 MC Championships. On occasions Richard Jenvey also raced the car with success. The car also competed in sprints and hillclimbs up until 2003 The car features in the book "The Westfield Story" with pictures illustrating some of the suspension modifications to the Eleven and showing the car in action at Brands Hatch with Ray Concar at the wheel. Peter Shaw of Goldstar Racing Developments purchased the car from Ray Concar in 2004 and entrusted the car to Coventry and Clarke of Basingstoke for total body refurbishment. I acquired the Eleven in May 2006 and continued the project finally getting the car on the road in 2007.

OwnerJon C
Year of registration2007
Year of donor car1970
Engine Standard 65BHP 1275cc A-Series Midget - Rebuilt.
GearboxStandard Midget four-speed gearbox - Rebuilt. Standard steel-wheel rear axle with 3.9:1 differential.
Fuel deliveryTwin SU HS2 carbs on a mini manifold with Cooper S heatshields. SU AUF 214 electronic fuel pump (with points).
IgnitionLumenition Optronic with MegaSpark 4 coil.
Wheels and tyresMinilite MA1350B 13x5 alloys. Pirelli P3000 165/80 R13 tyres.
BrakesStandard Midget.
BodyworkLe Mans style rear clamshell. Body finished in Lotus Racing Green. Poppy interior and SVA compliant steering wheel. Front Lucas Torpedo indicators.
MiscIntend fitting HIF or HS6 carb on Howley manifold and wire-wheel axle and hubs. Mintex 1144 brake material. Update SU fuel pump with electronic "pointless" kit. Mota-Lita steering wheel on wishlist, too!

OwnerSimon P
Year of registration2006
Year of donor car1974
Engine 1320cc Skiptune engine. Wedged crank. Kent fast road/rally cam. Ex-Migdet Challenge race car head. 105bhp on the Slark dyno.
GearboxFord T9 with standard ratios. Short-throw lever. 3.9 final drive. Peter May hardened half-shafts (hybrid splined hubs in a steel-wheel axle casing).
Fuel deliveryWeber 45s, set up by Neil Slark. (His old man, Brian, used to be with Downton back in the day.)
IgnitionAldon electronic ignition.
Wheels and tyres13" wire wheels.
BrakesPeter May 9" rotors/MGB calipers front, standard drums rear.
BodyworkLe Mans hump.
MiscLong shocks/soft springs.

OwnerDon Z
Year of registration2014
Year of donor car1966
Engine FWB Coventry Cilmax, 1460cc tilted 10 degrees. Remote oil filter and oil cooler. Stage 1 three bearing cam shaft (0.310 lift). 9.6:1 compression ratio. Lotus Eleven header.
GearboxMidget ribcage gearbox (4 speed, non-synchro 1st) and wire wheel differential with 3.7 ratio.
Fuel deliveryTwin Weber DCOE 40s with short velocity stacks and foam air cleaners.
IgnitionMechanical advance (only), points, coil.
Wheels and tyresFront: 4.50 x 15 Dunlop on painted MGA wire wheels. 5.00 x 15 Dunlop on painted MGA wire wheels.
BrakesStock Midget disk fronts and drum rear. Twin master cylinders with rear reduction control. Self designed floor mounted pedals
BodyworkTwo seater LHD converted to RHD with removable hump. Single seat LeMans style is work in progress.
MiscSeries 1 car supplied through RevPro in Florida in mid 80's. Nothing assembled when obtained in 2003. Converted from LHD to RHD to fit FWB engine. Moved gas tank to left side with flattened bottom with baffles. Extended length for 6.5 gallon capacity
OwnerJon H
Year of registration2018
Year of donor car1974
Engine 1380cc with lots of MED goodies restored and rebuilt by Hurley Engine Services, Bath.
GearboxFord Type 9 with MFK long 1st (2.98:1), standard MG Midget 3.9:1 rear axle .
Fuel deliveryHIF44 with MED Stack, Maniflow Manifold, Facet Red Top pump with Filter King regulator.
IgnitionMegajolt Lite with Ford EDIS4/Coil Pack with NGK B8ES spark plugs.
Wheels and tyresMinilite 7J x 13 with Dunlop StreetResponse Tyres 155/80R13.
BrakesFront cross drilled/slotted discs with EBC 'Green Stuff' pads, rear standard Midget drums.
BodyworkLe Mans in Westfield Racing Green.
MiscRolling Road and suspension setup by Slark Race Engineering.