Front Brake Disc Bolts Loose

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Front Brake Disc Bolts Loose

Post by jonjh1964 »

My car had it's first MOT today after being on the road for 3 years - all be it with very little use over the last year. Everything was going well until the was a very slight knock/rubbing sound on the nsf wheel. After lots of wheels spins the issue was tracked to the brake disc being loose and once the wheel was removed, sure enough all the bolts were slightly loose bearing in mind that the car had already passed all the brake tests at this stage.. Not a problem they were tightened and the knock/rubbing was cleared, the osf disc also had a little movement so was also tightened up. Having checked the Haynes manual they should be torqued to 43 lb ft but there's no mention of any other mechanical locking (tab washers/lock tight) has anyone else ever had a similar issue and if so any tips? My current plan is to remove the bolts, give them/hub threads a good clean, refit with Loctite and keep an eye on them.

Other than this everything was okay, the MOT passed and just got home before the rain started - looking forward to the end of lockdown and a splendid summer of staycations.

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Re: Front Brake Disc Bolts Loose

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I don’t run the standard brakes. (MGB callipers with Mintex pads gripping 8” drilled rotors.) The rotors are bolted to their bells with the aid of Loctite. However, the bells are secured to the hubs with just torqued bolts. No adhesive or locking tabs. It gets a good ragging, but they’ve never come loose.

Front wheel bearings, mind you......... :roll:

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